Husband And Wife Who Just Got Married Fight In The Street Immediately After Their Wedding in Russia (Video)

A Russian couple’s marriage seems to be in trouble before it’s even begun, after a video caught the bride getting out of their wedding car and proceed to fight with her husband in the street.

In a video, the couple can be seen driving in their Mazda 2 Sedan before the bride, still in her wedding dress, gets out visibly upset.

The groom quickly follows, and a fight ensues under the grey Russian sky while bemused onlookers walk past. The bride hits her husband with her bouquet repeatedly after he physically tries to get her back into the car.

She eventually throws the bouquet at him, turns on her heel, and can be seen walking off into the distance. The groom gives up, gets back in the car and drives on.

While this is going on, laughter can be heard coming from the car in which the video was recorded.

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