He Caught Her With Another Man…

Last year December, this guy promised to buy his girlfriend a brand new car on Valentine day.

Two days ago, he took her to window-shop the car of her dream and she setteld for a Mercedes-Benz G-Class(G-Wagon). The guy promised that by the evening of February 14th the car would be hers.

She has been full of smiles and excitement telling her friend she is about to become one of biggest girl in town.

Just today, less than a week to Valentine day, the guy went to visit her at her one room apartment unannounced. He caught her pants down with another man in bed.

He turned away in anger. She has been crying and calling but he is not picking up. She is now trying to appeal to his close friends to interfare that it was the devil.

How will you describe this, is this a family problem?

Do you think the guy should go ahead and buy the car since it was a promise?

Written by Abel Abel

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