Depression Will Be 2nd Deadliest Disease By 2020

Depression will be the second deadliest disease by 2020, and the number one killer by 2030, Mr. Lanre Olusola, a psychologist has said.

The psychologist, who spoke on emotional brand master class, at his coaching academy, said based on the recent revelation by the World Health Organisation, WHO, people could take control of their lives, only when they master their emotions.

According to him, ”A depressed person becomes dysfunctional when he/she doesn’t want to eat, bath or do any other thing. Depression eats at the heart of a person’s existence, and kills a person slowly, which is why the psychologists call it the slow killer.

What they are saying is your emotions kills. There are specific emotions that create specific diseases in people, so you are not a victim to disease, you are a co-creator of disease, depending on the kind of emotions that you harbour.”

He also noted that a workshop will be organised on February 27, 2016 in Lagos on emotional intelligence and branding. He said the event will focus on, how to use emotions, the power of psychological and emotional branding with a perspective on the future of personal and corporate branding.

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