Court Sentence A Nigerian Man Who Tried To Withdraw Cash Using Someone Else’s Emirates ID In Dubai

An unemployed Nigerian man who tried to withdraw more than Dh500,000 from the bank account of a man who had lost his Emirates ID will spend six months in jail.

Nigerian N A, 26, was found guilty at Dubai Criminal Court of using an original official document belonging to others and of forging an official document – the withdrawal slip – by signing it and adding his personal details, as well as using the forged slip, and attempting to fraudulently obtain Dh580,000.

He visited a bank on Khalid bin Al Waleed Road in Dubai and pretended to be Kenyan D M, 23, by signing an order to withdraw Dh580,000 from the latter’s account and using the card as ID.

On May 12 last year, the Nigerian was contacted by his friend, whose name and nationality were not given, after the friend had found the ID card. He asked the Nigerian to pose as the card holder to withdraw the money and he would get a share of Dh50,000.

It was not clear how N A’s friend came to know that the Kenyan had that amount of money with this particular bank.

The next morning, the Nigerian visited the bank but was thwarted when an employee spotted the difference between him and the photo on the ID. He managed to escape but was arrested in October in Al Baraha and referred to prosecutors.

“I lost my wallet two months before I was contacted by police to inform me that my card was used by someone to withdraw cash from the bank,” testified the Kenyan.

The Nigerian confessed to all charges in court last month.

He will be deported after serving his jail term.


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