Buhari Will Soon Come For Obasanjo – Useni

Lt-General Jeremiah Useni is among other things a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, former military governor of the old Bendel State and is presently, senator representing Plateau South in the National Assembly, told Vanguard in an interview that President Buhai will come for ex-president Obasanjo;

Recently, former President Obasanjo indicted the National Assembly, accusing it of corruption, as a senator what is your take on that?

“He has been replied and I agree with the response. He brought corruption to the National Assembly with the way he was giving out money to senators especially when he wanted to go for third term. He spent a lot of money he can’t account for. What Buhari is doing now, is like what Awolowo said when he was Minister of Finance under General Gowon and the government then put up a probe and wanted to go backward to past government. But Awolowo said no; new logs go on top of old ones, to get to the old ones; you must remove the new ones first. That is what Buhari is doing now, trying to clear the new logs so that he can get access to the old ones; when he clears the new ones and gets access to the old ones, the case of Obasanjo will come up. So he has no excuse at all to say such a thing because if there is any corruption at all in the National Assembly, he was the cause.”

What do you think?

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