A Student Fears She Will Never Have An Orgasm After Spending More Than Three Years Trying To Give Herself One.

A student fears she will never have an orgasm after spending more than three years trying and failing to give herself one.

Megan Ward, who lives in Birmingham, has used an array of sex toys every day since early 2013 in a bid to achieve satisfaction.

She has also attended countless therapy sessions – but her attempts so far have not worked.

The 20-year-old suffers from anorgasmia, a condition that sees sufferers constantly fail to achieve climax.

Shockingly, as many as one in five British women suffer from the illness – but most do not speak openly about it.

Megan first disclosed her condition in late 2014 – and now, she has revealed she is still yet to experience an orgasm.

Writing for student newspaper The Tab, Megan said she has been desperately trying all the suggestions she has received since revealing her problem – but none have culminated in climax.

The University of Birmingham student said: “I now own 10 different kinds of vibrators, among many other sex toys which would make your grandma’s eyes bleed.

“While I love them all in the same way most people love their pets – and admittedly the Magic Wand has changed my life – they still don’t produce the Big O from me.

“My vagina, she tries, bless her, but it’s just not something she can do.”

Although none of the advice Megan received enabled her to achieve orgasm, the young woman insisted she is still glad she highlighted her own bedroom plight in an article in November 2014.

She said that before publishing the piece, she was worried that people would think she was weird or a bit pathetic.

Instead, she said that none of that ever happened and that the response she got from people was overwhelmingly positive.

She said: “I got messages from people I had spoken to maybe once all congratulating me.

“Some of my best friends shared the piece and wrote publicly they were proud of me.

“Strangers stalked me down on Facebook – some in a creepy way – but others to say thank you for writing the piece.”

As for the reaction from her friends, she said nothing has changed at all.

She said: “I got to pre-drinks the night it was published, only for two of my best friends to make orgasm jokes the minute I walked in the room.

“But as with all good friendships, it became something they would wind me up about, but overall, it didn’t change a thing.”

She said that her parents had been amazing too – and remain proud of her, despite her describing her bedroom activities.

However, she admitted she received a number of negative comments – while some of her peers even used her article about anorgasmia to make ‘shots’ at her in arguments about the election.

One girl wrote on Facebook: “If politics was so important to you, you’d write less articles about your vagina and more about what really matters.”

Given that Megan has previously written articles about LGBT rights, mental health, the monarchy and feminism, the student did not think the remark was entirely fair.

But it made her feel awful nonetheless, she said.

She said: “I wrote about my vagina and so apparently that meant any opinion I had on anything else didn’t matter.

“I was so proud of my article, but I didn’t want to be the Orgasm Girl.

“And yet, now that is all some people see me as.”

She said she also has not avoided the predictable flurry of creepy messages to land in her inbox.

She said: “I don’t know why men felt the need to track me down and proposition me, but apparently they did.

“One gem was the guy who tracked me down to say I just hadn’t met the right man yet, but since I’m not too bad looking I’ll be OK.

“He missed the whole point of the article – as well as insulting my boyfriend and knocking my self-esteem in the process.”

She said the worst of the lot, though, were the people who thought she was merely writing the article for attention.

In fact, Megan wrote it because she felt it important that young people should be able to talk publicly about sexual problems – which could normalise issues and help other people.

On top of that, she also said part if her motivation was the fact that the male orgasm always seems to be a priority over the female orgasm.

Megan said she was still amazed at the amount of people who fake orgasms.

She said she does not want anyone else feeling ashamed or embarrassed or alone, as she did.

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