A Naked Man Enters Into A Cafe Late At Night And Demands That The Waitress Kill Him Or Call Police To Take Him Away, See Photos

A waitress working late at night got the shock of her life when an agitated naked man burst into the cafe and asked her to kill him.

The incident was captured on CCTV in the central Russian city of Saratov.

When the stark naked man enters the cafe he heads immediately for the row of tables by the window and lies down.

‘Kill me, please!’ he shouts to a waitress who is standing in the doorway of the cupboard behind the counter.

‘Hurry, shoot me in the head. Push the panic button and bring the special forces squad in here, fast!’

The terrified woman needs no encouragement, and as he approaches the counter says, ‘I already pushed the alarm button, but just get off the counter please.’

The man clearly in a state of distress then says: ‘I won’t, I am going to sit here.’






Daily Mail

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