A Man In Tanzania Arrested For Putting His Sister In A Tank For Four Years For Money Rituals, See Photos

A man in Tanzania has been arrested for allegedly putting his sister in a septic tank for four years for money rituals.

The unidentified man who is believed to have lied to people that his sister was dead instantly became rich after her supposed death.

His maid is the one who discovered the girl in the tank after being curious about her boss’s visits to the tank every morning before going for work.

The pictures below show the girl before she was put in the tank and after being rescued from the tank.

After she was reported to have died in a car accident, the brother got rich. He had hidden the gal in the septic tank for 4 years n every day bfo going to work he had to check into the tank. The house helper was surprised by this regular act n one day when the brother went out, the househelp had to check into the tank and saw her boss’s sis in there.




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