5 Kitchen Skills A Man Should Have To Impress His Woman

Whether it is surprising your woman with tea and breakfast in bed or whipping up a quick meal when she comes back home from work, a guy who knows his way around the kitchen is always an added attraction.
So, this is for men who want to demonstrate their skills and work their charm on women.

Learn to make some hot beverages
It is always comforting to have someone brew hot masala chai or coffee without asking for it. It is also not actually cooking but making your woman feel comfortable. Making breakfast can be an added bonus.

Master your moves

Be at ease in the kitchen and act confident when you are handling things like cooking pots, pans and knives. Research a bit and learn more about kitchen accessories and ingredients.
You will seem like a pro when you know how to use each instrument to your advantage.

Create your own signature dish

Each man should have a dish which he can execute with ease. Needless to say, it should be classy enough to impress his woman.
It need not look like it’s coming from a well-known chef’s kitchen but should also not be like a trial dish you want to experiment on her. Practise making it in advance so that you have time for loads of other interesting stuff to do later.

Presentation is important
Okay, so you have mastered the art of cooking that impressive dish. Now, just don’t make it too casual or sloppy even if it is just for the two of you. Make every other night a date night and ensure your dish is presentable with some artful garnishing.
Pick up some beautiful cutlery to plate it well. Your attention to detail is sure to impress her enough every time you prepare something delicious for her.

Be ready to do the dishes too
So, after shouldering kitchen responsibilities with ease, be ready to do the dishes with her as well. It may not be required but be a gentleman and lend a helping hand to clear the table, put things in place and organise the kitchen later.
Women love to keep things in order and what more could they ask for in a man who shows interest in this too.

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