10 Businesses You Can Start From Your Room

You do not need to have a big office or space tos tart up something. You do not even need a shop. There are things you can start from where you sleep.

Facebook, Microsoft, Dell, Napster and Google were all started by young people from their dormitory!

What you start today can take you big places tomorrow!

Here are list of 10 business you can start from your room!

1. Information technology (IT) consulting

Are you good with computers and how to use softwares? From your room, you can start a consulting business. Work for people who needs help with Microsoft words and other packages. Yo can even teach others who wants to learn. Apply to do freelance at computer school.

2. Social media consulting
Young people are so good at social media, they spend most of their time there. Why not make a plan to help small business and entrepreneurs on social media for cash?

3. Graphic design

Instead of using Photoshop and Corel Draw to make a ugly face look so perfect on facebook, why not use them same talent to design graphics for businesses?

4. Website design

Can you make website? Then find people who need to build website. Meet business owners and tell them what a website can add to their business!

5. Photography

Thanks to platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, the world has become more accustomed to using images to communicate. With a rise in the need for visual content, there has also been growing sense of comfort with using amateur photographers. Due to advancements in technology, these amateurs have the ability to churn out high-quality work.

6. Event planning

Do you know friends who can sing, who can cook, who can clan, who can serve? Do you know someone who is planing a wedding or something? why not approach them and ask to organize it for the? Then levrage on tjose people wyou know to handle the tasks!

7. Personal trainer

These days every girl wants to lose some weight and every guy wants to have six pack. why not find out the best way to help them achieve this for money?

8. Cleaning services
So many people are lazy, they don’t want to wash or clean. if you are hardworking and good at it, why not help them for cash?

9. Freelance makeup artist

Instead of sitting at home all day painting your nals, face and eyes. why got do it for others in exchange for money? Approach people going on a date, planing a wedding or something!

10. Blogging

Do you love writing and gisting? Then start a blog! monetize your blog! make money with your skill!

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