A Woman Naked Body Found Lifeless After A Visit From A Man She Met On Facebook

A woman was found dead after receiving an alleged visit from a man she met on Facebook. According to reports by St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sharae Bradford, 25, was discovered at her apartment in Ferguson, Missouri.

Bradford, who has a young daughter, apparently met a man on Facebook. The two decided to meet at her home to spend time together on Nov. 29. But after a relative attempted to contact Bradford, her cell phone continued to go to voicemail. The relative went to Bradford’s home and found her lying nude in her bed while covered by her own blood.

Bradford’s family soon began to investigate the man who she met on Facebook. They eventually discovered that he has a history of mental issues and violence against women.

When it comes to dating on social media, it’s important to take precautionary measures before spending time alone with the person. The social media platforms allow people to disguise their true intentions because it’s easy to project a false image. Take the time to meet in a safe setting such as a coffee shop when going out with new people.

Fortunately, Bradford’s daughter was not at the home when the alleged attack took place. Police are currently investigating the crime.


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