Tinubu Is Very Angry With The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo For…

Tinubu is very angry with the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo for not honouring his invitation, so he decided to call him

The vice president answers after the fourth ring.

Osinbajo: Hello Sir

Tinubu: Yemi, No call my name

Osinbajo: Why? What is wrong?

Tinubu: Don’t ask me that. You are messing up

Osinbajo: What did I do?

Tinubu: I told you to be in Lagos yesterday and you did not come. Why?

Osinbajo: Well, you know I am the Vice President and sometimes schedule can be tight.

Tinubu: Shut up your dirty mouth. Which Vice president? Because I put you for there, you are now reminding me who you are?

Osinbajo: Tinubu with all due respect, mind your words. You are talking to the Vice President.

Tinubu: So you now call me by my name? Not even Jagaban, Not Even Asiwaju, Not even sir, not even oga. No respect at all. Wetin dey worry you?

Osinbajo: I remind you again, you are talking to the Vice President of Nigeria

Tinubu: Thunder fire you for there. Which yeye Vice President be that? Even Buhari no fit try this nonsense with me. That is why Saraki called you a mere commissioner.

Osinbajo: Come Tinubu, better respect yourself. Because I dey speak English no mean say I make you run your mouth.

Tinubu: Yemi, So you want to betray me? You remember when you use to clean my shoe? Now you are a big man? When Fashola tried this nonsense with me, remember wetin I do am?

Osinbajo: That was Fashola. You have to excuse me, Mr. President is calling me.

Tinubu: You be mumu. House boy. You don turn to Buhari houseboy, common El-rufai dey command you around.

Osinbajo: My own better. Your own, you don become a nobody for APC. Atiku And Saraki wey just come from PDP get mouth pass you.

Tinubu: If them born you well make you come Lagos. Any day I see you for Lagos. You go no say I be Jagaban.

Osinbajo: If you no say you get power, oya remove me as Vice President.

Tinubu: Because of you that Calabar boy, Mfon Abel Ekene will be insulting me on facebook

Osinbajo: That one na your cup of tea

Tinubu: Osinbajo it is me Jagabn you are talking to

Osinbajo: Excuse me Mr. Man, I have something important to attend to.

Tinubu: Hello… Hello..

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