The End Of A Relationship Is Never The End Of Life…

Imagine trying to forget the tight hugs, the passionate kisses, the jokes, the slangs, the favorite songs, the games, the flirting, the sweet nothings, the romantic messages, the surprises, the happy times and everything you shared with them.

Think about that moment of waking up every day without them in your life, going to bed without getting a goodnight text or a late night call from them, venturing alone in those places you used to hang in together, elucidating to your friends and family how you guys are no more, deleting their photos, messages and voice notes and putting away anything that reminds you of them. It really hurts and it’s not easy to get rid of.

But time heals a broken heart. If you take it day by day you can make it. The end of a relationship is never the end of life. It’s just an end of a certain chapter in our lives. That means life has to go on and there many other chapters to read. We just have to be strong, we gather our broken pieces, and we nurse them and move on. It makes no sense to still cry, plead, have sleepless nights and skip eating food over someone who already got over you, who is so happy and probably waking up in someone else’s arms. However hurting it maybe, you have to be strong enough and let go..

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Written by Abel Abel

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