So, I took a girl out on a date but she said I embarrassed her, Did I?

So, I took a girl out on a date and after we finished eating, I went to pay for the food we ate, the waiter didn’t have 500 naira change to give me. I asked the girl to sit let’s wait for the waiter to go look for change, and surprisingly she said I was embarrasing her, that I should act like a big boy and leave the change for the waiter…

Is she crazy?

Does she know the things 500 naira can do? I guess she doesn’t
Well, let me highlight few of the things 500 naira can do incase she doesn’t know…

500 naira can buy you 5 loaves of bread and two fishes, if you are lucky to have Jesus around, you will feed 5000 people..Is that the money she want me to leave?

Sardine= N150, indomie (hungry man size) =
N100, 2 eggs = N60, plastic Coke = 100. Total N410, and you say 500 naira na small money?

500 naira that I’ll use to buy 3 albums & good earpiece?
Rice N100, beans N50, meat N100, plastic malt N100 and remaining 150 to play Nairabet,…and she say 500 naira na chicken change?

I swear she no well

Half carton of Indomie sef is N500 naira shey u know?
Do you know how many players Arsene Wenger of Arsenal will buy with 500 Naira?……..

The most annoying thing is that its possible that this girl has never given 500 naira offering for church oo…….

See, on a serious note…you won’t know the
value of 500 naira, untill you borrow 500 naira credit from MTN and you have to pay back.

She angrily left but I waited for 35mins and collected my 500naira balance.

– Jolayemi Babajide Kygold

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