Photos: Since Father Cannot Afford To Buy Me A Bicycle, I Made One For Myself – A 7-Year-Old Boy

A boy of seven years in Abuja, Nigeria has decided to build himself a bicycle since his father cannot afford to buy one for him.

Nigerian journalist, Jaafar Jaafar revealed this. He had met the boy and was thrilled by his level of creativity and intelligence and did an interview of him.

Here is what the journalist wrote;

“Although the details I gleaned on Godwin are scanty, I learnt he lives with his parents at one of the slums of Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.

After his picture went viral on Twitter a couple of days ago, someone volunteered to purchase a new bicycle for him, just as plans are afoot to enroll him into primary school.

The story of Godwin tells us at least three stories. The poverty in the country, the paradox of capital city life and the compassion of the Nigerian youth.

May God help Godwin”

Godwin bicycle2

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