Shocking Video Shows Doctor Violently Punching Patient – Who Later Dies, Watch

This appalling footage shows a doctor violently punching a patient – who collapsed and DIED soon after.

The attack was reportedly in response to the patient’s own aggressive attack on a nurse.

The viral video recorded events which allegedly took place in Belgorod in Russia on December 29.

Russian media reported that the patient had kicked a nurse before he was punched by the doctor.

The patient, whom relatives have identified as Yevgeniy Bakhtin, 56, lived in the town, LifeNews TV reported .

Since the footage was posted online it’s gone viral across the world .

Yelena Kozyreva, from the local investigations committee, said they didn’t believe the attack was malicious, and officials have told Russian TV it’s a case of “involuntary manslaughter”.

The doctor has been named as Ilya Zelendinov, according to the privately owned channel Ren TV .


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