Saturday Digest : Take A Pie..

I have never watched movies for quite a long time, so today I decided to have a little rest and “Feed my eyes”, after all, all work and no play makes “Jack” a dull boy… Was that saying only for Jack you may ask, off course not, so permit me to refresh it and put “Makes Abel a dull man”
Sorry, for replacing boy with man, I’m no longer a boy, or do I even need to apologize, ‘you wonder’, maybe or maybe not, but since we are still together, this journey may seem long but it quite short.

When you do things in a hurry or do things you have never done for a long time, there are many things involved, first you will be confused on where to start, second, you may be struggling to get your confidence and if you are not strong enough you may not even get it done. But I was ready to relax and rest, after all its Saturday.

With lots of movies in front of me, and with just 1 hour 25minutes allocated in my Saturday routine for Movie, I was confused on which movie to watch, but after spending almost 25minutes scanning through some of them, I finally settled down to watch an old movie that I watch far back early 2015 titled “Fury”

The first thing that caught my attention was the Scene that involve the Young man who just arrived a military settlement In view of joining the war front and was greeted with some military men in his new unit and one of them made a statement that makes me feel bad, sad and angry .. When the young man was so displeased about everything in the settlement… He said “Wait, until you see what a man can do to another man” Immediately after finishing his speech trucks load of dead bodies just drove past them.

I’m so sorry if you have not watch the movie before but this is where I will draw the curtains on the issues of the movie . After all, it only a movie, it cannot happen in real life you may presume.. But wait until they tell you the story of Boko Haram, the story of Boko Haram is even no longer new but there is wickedness going on in this country perpertuated by “some” so called politicians that is even worse than Boko Haram… “Are you not of them?” you may wish to know… But I’m sorry, Let leave that for another day.

I watched in the news the other day the analogy between the treatment of Dasuki and Olisa Metuh and I was left with nothing but pity for our dear nation.. Was it injustice? A man asked, “Yes, Why treat a bigger thief more than the smaller one” A young lady stood up to argue, “OK, that’s your opinion”
Inside me, I was saying, don’t you know that a boss deserve respect.. Dasuki na boss now..
Then another person stood up and argue, she was a bit older “no, it’s not injustice, that Olisa Metuh should suffer” When asked why he said so, he simply responded “Sai Buhari” and there was confusing everywhere with the voices of people chanting Sai Buhari overwhelming every other voice.

Since, there was other things to do, I simply turn off the television and stare at my Novel, a story I have been writing for the past 10 years and I turn to the first page and I was greeted by my lead character Edima and her grandmother discussing “You owe no one any explanation, your life is your business”
Why are you letting the “Meat” out of the pot.. You may asked… “I’m sorry, thank you am still cooking the soup”

Throughout this article I have greeted you with “I am sorry, you may asked, wait, etc, ” let me refresh it once more time.. Wait, I’m sorry, you may asked, can we do it again next week? Definitely my reply… Till next week

Enjoy the rest of today

This column is written by Abel Udoekene, follow him on twitter @abelekene

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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