Oshiomhole Almost ‘Attacks’ Singer Dare Art Alade For Shaking His Wife Too Much

Dare Shared this photo on Instagram with the following message;

“To Benin last September just after my performance, I went to greet Gov Oshiomole who had invited me to the event held in honor of Solomon Arase the IG of @nigeriapoliceforce and our gisting was too funny! Lemme caption this picture. ADAMS: Darey meet my wife Lara…DAREY: Nice to meet you (shakes hand)…ADAMS: Come oh Darey don’t shake her hand too much oh! ARASE: Excellency leave him…if him over shake I will shake him up! Police is your friend…we will be friendly with him no wahala!!! DAREY: 💭🕐 (to self: time is going…let me head back to Abuja sharply”


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