No More Sad Stories…

I guess you’re wondering what sad stories I’m referring too. These are the stories people come to you with when they’re in trouble. They sound good and are very touching. They get you way down deep in your soul. There’s no way it cannot be true and you’d feel so bad if you didn’t fall for it. So you do. Once you fall for it that’s when things start falling apart.

Remember that everyone who comes to you for help doesn’t really need help. Some are coming for a temporary fix while others are trying to continue a bad habit. Therefore, your duty is to ask a ton of questions. You need to listen attentively to the answers. In listening you’ll probably figure out if they really have a plan or just plan to use you.

I used to listen to sad stories until I had to realize that I was only hindering the people I was helping. As long as they could come to me for help there was no need for them to change their destructive behavior. It was a must that I remove myself out of the equation. This would force them to come up with another plan or change their ways.

Just be cautious when someone approaches you for help. Evaluate and analyze every situation because every situation is different. Don’t be afraid to say no or not right now. Their response to your answer will be a clue for you to pay attention to. Don’t blame yourself or carry any guilt for not being able to help another. Sometimes we need our own help and resources. We may not have enough or be in a situation to share. It’s always best to save yourself before trying to save anybody else.

By Celia Washington

Written by Abel Abel

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