Long Distance Relationship: Your Partner Will Spend a Lot of Time With Other People

It sounds obvious, but if you’re not living in the same area, your partner will have to get their socialization fix somewhere else. Most people will tell you that spending time together is key to keeping a relationship alive. When you’re separated by hundreds of miles, though, your primary method for accomplishing this is by spending a lot of face time with a cold, digital display.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have meaningful interaction. Skype, Facebook, Hangouts provide great opportunities to spend quality time with your partner both alone and with others. However, they’re no substitute for getting out of the house. If your significant other is going to a concert, a movie, or out to dinner, they’re going without you and probably with others.

If you’re the jealous type—and it’s hard not to be in a long-distance relationship—this is especially problematic. You’ll wish you could be there, but you can’t. This causes tension. It also breeds paranoia (which we’ll talk more about in a bit). It may be possible to overcome this by setting aside time to spend together and by reassuring each other that if you could, you’d be doing activities together. However, you can never fully change the fact that when your partner is out having fun and you’re home alone, it will almost always feel just a little bit like rejection.

In this case, a little overcompensation can do a world of good. Chances are that if you’re living in the same town, it would seem overly mushy if your partner texted you to say “I wish you were here!” every time she went to dinner. When you’re a thousand miles away, though, this kind of reminder matters a lot more. You let your loved one know that this situation isn’t optimal. You assure them that if you could be part of their outing, you would be. It won’t fix the fact that they haven’t seen you in months, but it will be a small comfort at a time when every comfort counts.

You can also alleviate your own worries by filling up your time with activities of your own. We all have our own ways of recharging and every night your partner is out of communication is a chance to do things that benefit you. Read a book. Go to a party. Build something. Find something to invest your time in and relax while your significant other is out doing the same.

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