Letter To My Unknown Wife…

Wow! I saw this somewhere!

Hello dear, it’s funny that I don’t even know your name yet but that is of little importance now, because I will always call you“My Angel. How is life treating you? I hope you are living a just life, for a clear conscience keeps the mind happy and a happy mind keeps one focus.

My angel it might have happened that we have met without really meeting or we may have passed each other on the road without even a glance or possibly, we have never met; whatever the case may be, we are going to meet someday. My angel I’m looking forward to the day we shall be pronounced husband and wife, the day that man will say:“You may now kiss the bride”, the day my parents will embrace yours, the day that your siblings will accept mine, the day we shall be known as a family, a big family I promise. I will never ask you to drop your surname but you are definitely adding mine to yours and I won’t choose a place for our honeymoon the pleasure will be yours .

I’m also looking forward to the night when we shall conjugate our marriage, when I shall plant the seed of my first twin inside of you…..God willing. My angel I will never treat you wrong though we may and we will have our ups and downs but that will only make our love grow stronger. My angel I don’t care if your flower has been plugged, circumstances can make us do things against our wish I promise to love and cherish you just the way you are. On my part of the world, I’m building a formidable me, a me that will be able to provide for you and the kids, a man that will respect you, a me that will love you but above all these, a me that will be your best friend now, always and forever.

Education is important my angel and I hope you are acquiring it, but if you are not I can always send you back to school to get it but you must be learning a trade or a work that will keep you preoccupied positively, I don’t want you idle, for an idle hand is a devils workshop. Be careful with men, don’t fall prey to their sweet words which carry little meanings; listen, believe but never lost your focus in life and don’t see men as the solution to financial problems or whatever problems you face in life.

Work hard and tackle all your problems with a brave heart, so that when we meet I will respect and love you because love is never enough, I need to respect and love you before we can build a happy home. I will be a fun husband every new day will always be better than the previous day, that I promise you. And we may not be the richest couple but we shall be among the happiest couples on earth .On this note my angel . I want you to know that I am looking forward to the day I can boldly say that I have a Queen the SYMBOL of Love . I am also praying for you and I’m wishing you the very best life can offer, until we meet have fun (reasonable fun).

See you soon my Angel

Written by Abel Abel

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