Jonathan Has Nothing To Answer For –Odumakin

Emerging Yoruba leader and former spokesman of President Buhari, Yinka Odummakin has reacted to call for the arrest and prosecution of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan by a former PDP chieftain, Waku.

Odumakin said to Sun;

‘’Nigeria is a funny country, and some people know how to play to the gallery. Why are they talking about Jonathan being arrested when the man has not been indicted by any court or even put on trial? If at all they have anything against Jonathan requiring them to hear his own side, must they arrest him? Nothing stop them from going to Jonathan’s village to have audience with him. I hope some people are not planning to humiliate the former President. To do so will have a serious repercus­sion not only on our polity, but on democracy throughout Africa’’.

What do you think?

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