I Paid N1.3m For My Wife’s Release — Nigerian Footballer, Ogude

Nigerian footballer whose wife was kidnapped said he paid a N1.3m ransom to get her release.

“Well, I paid nothing much for her release. I paid 1.3m naira though they demanded 30m naira,” Ogude was quoted as saying

He however said the wife is in good condition pending examination;

“Yes, she is all right but I have to ensure that she is. I have taken her to the hospital for proper medical tests and check up because the kind of ordeal she must have gone through in the hands of the armed men is nothing to be taken for granted. I have to be sure that she is very okay.

“She was taken to a very bad place, a swampy forest, a dirty place to be kept for almost a week. Imagine what she must have faced during the number of days she was kept there. But I am thanking God that I got her back alive. It is her life that’s the most important thing to me.

“You know that a lot of people will go there and won’t come back alive, so I am happy that she is all right and alive.”


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