‘I Have A Bomb And You Are All Going To Die’ – A Passenger Screams Onboard A British Airways Flight

A “madman” passenger who screamed ‘I have a bomb and you’re all going to die’ onboard a British Airways flight has been released by Dubai police.

The man was arrested by local authorities in Dubai but later walked free after cops released him.

This comes after passengers told of the “terrifying” ordeal in which he spat, screamed and ran down aisles claiming he had planted a bomb on the aircraft.

Radio DJ Steve Penk’s daughter Natalie and her husband Jack Spencer were sat directly in front of the man.

Steve told how Natalie had “never been so scared” as the passenger began making bomb threats five hours into the long-haul flight.

Apparently the man, who she assumed was drunk, was restrained by staff after running riot on board the plane.

He was allegedly pinned to the seats behind her after he began “howling” and trying to fight other people.

Steve said how it took five staff and another passenger to calm him down.

He then apparently began shouting that the cabin crew were “trying to kill” him and claiming that they were stabbing him.

The unruly passenger also apparently verbally abused staff, calling them “fat” and “racist” as they tried to control him.

Steve said they managed to calm him for “around an hour” before he started shouting about having a bomb – just 30 to 40 minutes before landing.

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The former Virgin radio broadcaster, who now presents Steve Penk’s Wind Up Channel, told the Mirror: “She was really badly shaken after it. In her words, it was a madman onboard.

“Can you imagine having been through that? It’s just unbelievable.

“She said she can’t describe the experience but that she’s never been so scared in her life.

“She said it was absolutely dreadful. But she’s safe and so is everyone else and that’s the main thing.

“Natalie did say though that she’s never been more relieved to get off a plane in her life.”

The Manchester disc-jockey added of his daughter: “Thank god she’s okay.”

Steve also said handcuffed by crew and had a blanket thrown over him to stop him from spitting at them and other passengers.

Apparently Natalie, 27, said that this didn’t stop him from screaming and shouting that he couldn’t breathe.

Steve described the ordeal as “absolutely terrifying” and said that Natalie was “fine but very shaken up”

In contrast, moments before take off she took a selfie on board to send to her famous dad.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “We are in contact with local authorities after reports that a British national was arrested in Dubai.”

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