Facebook Love

Be careful with that guy/babe who confesses love to you on Facebook.
I can’t count how many guys who came to my inbox to recite their love lines to me, but they never knew ‪#‎sweet_tongue_of_love‬ doesn’t move me at all.
Lerra, they were still the ones who insulted me, telling me how stubborn, too spiritual, too pompous I am; and how I’d remain single all my life.
Anyway, I almost fell 4 one…
He came as a good Christian brother, who has the money, lives in London and from Anambra state.
He would call me on phone, we prayed together, sent me Bible quotes, talk about marriage
applaud me for not wanting sex b4 marriage.
‪#‎Mehn‬! I told myself, this is Mr. Right.
But he didn’t know that Sonia was never desperate 4 marriage at all. Despite he appeared to be a husband material, but I was never a marriage freak.
Long story cut short,
He wanted to come see me in Benin, he left Abuja at 6am after we prayed together
‪#‎hahahahahaha‬ God punish devil sha
Sonia was already dreaming about having a Londonia husband.
At about 10am, a call came to me, that the so called Mr.Victor was involved in a ghastly motor accident; that I should send 50,000 naira so they could commence treatment on him…
They were calling him ‘my fiance’
I just whispered to myself **’una catch the ‪#‎wrongest‬ person**
They sent me their Union bank account; and I replied them that I was already on my way to bank… that I wanu send them 70,000 naira.
They believed me sef.
They kept calling me… telling me I shouldn’t allow my fiance to die, that he was losing alot of blood.
kikikikikiki ewo oooooo
Me, Sonia, send money give boy? Even if na charm, it won’t work.
I won’t write how I smartly dealt with them;
Both with those who acted as his mother in London, who acted as the doctor, who acted as the nurse…
Lerra that night, I sent a message to the Victor, asking him if he was still alive or if he was in a grave yard,
He replied me with the f-word; ” F**k you”
So my brother/sister,
beware of Facebook Love.
Yes, you can meet ur husband/wife on Facebook, but it’s 5/100.
I guess I just saved a soul via this write up.

Chukwudi Miracle Sonia

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