Do You Know That When Women See These Men, Their Bodies Rise To The Occasion?

This was written by a facebook friend, Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie;

Do you know that everyday a woman walks down the street, she sees a fine specimen of manhood she likes?
And that they come in all ages, shapes and sizes?

Do you know that when women see these men, their bodies rise to the occasion? The feminine equivalent of male soldiers standing to attention only more discreet than their male counterparts?

Do you know that women could have sexual fantasies about people you may know and interact with? Your best friend, your friend’s son, your neighbour, that rich dude down the street, the young struggling corper or intern in your office?

Do you know that women could therefore also be said to be “polygamous by nature” because their sex alarms don’t go off ONLY when they see your body?

Do you know why that phrase cannot be used for women?

Because more often than not, they pull themselves back to reality and take a look at you, your balding heads, spreading midsection, bulges, burps and farts and as you lie there on the sofa with your feet up on the table scratching your hairy balls through your ragged boxers they think: here’s the man I married. Let my fantasies just remain fantasies, I’ll remain loyal and true to this man because I vowed I would.

And they do.
Most women.
It is called integrity, fidelity, loyalty and trustworthiness.
Please don’t hide your lack of values and integrity under “men are polygamous by nature”, that is just a clueless lie.

You are not.
You just don’t have enough moral fibre.

And please don’t quote advice on men and relationships from Amber Rose, just let me know when Michelle Obama is dispensing advice on relationships.

I’d listen to HER. I might agree or disagree but trust me, I’d LISTEN and respect her views, however different they are from mine.

Written by Abel Abel

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