Divorce: Being Single Again Is Fun, I Am Free To Do Whatever I Like – Popular Nollwyyod Actress, Uche Iwuji

Popular Nollywod actress, Uche Iwuji has said it is fun to be single again even-though she was not happy separating from her ex-husband. Uche spoke with Vanguard.

“I have learnt to be strong for myself. Separating from my husband was not a good thing at all. Though, an eye opener. As far as I am concerned, being single again is fun. I am free to do whatever I like. I have been able to get over the break up when I look at my son. He is a bundle of joy.” she told Vanguard

Being without a husband also means Uche will have to be a single mother to her son, she said it has not been easy “It is not easy; I must confess. I have to be there for my son who will be three this year. I have my businesses that has been footing our bills. I hang out with single mothers like myself. I thank God that every one is showing me love. However, a man settles your bill when you are married but that has changed because I fend for myself and my child. Nobody is asking for my account now”

She insist that the marriage fail because she and her ex-husband did not understand each other and she also blame it on the society “I blame it on the society. People were always saying rubbish about me.”

She believes no other man will be good for her except her ex “I will marry my ex husband a million times again. No other man is good for me. I believe he will come back when he is ready.” If he return she is willing to accept him back “I will a million times. He is the best gift I have ever gotten.”

Even though she said she is sex starved, she insist she will not long for it “I am sex starved for now but I don’t really long for it. I have been without sex for a while now.”

When asked why celebrities marriages fail, she responded this way “Not only celebrity marriages fail, it happens everywhere. It is somehow natural because people don’t really wish us well. They just say the marriage will soon crash and it will. This is because many people have made the prophecy.”

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