Change Your Single Status This Year To Live Longer

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Married couples live longer and are happier and healthier, according to statistics. People who fall in love say it feels wonderful and agonising at the same time, but all those ups and downs can be a source of stress. It takes a calmer, more stable form of love — like a good marriage — to yield clear health benefits and better sex.

A new survey challenges the notion of sexless marriages with the conclusion that couples have better sex after marriage. The research conducted by a parenting site also found men prefer their partner’s post-birth figure as it is curvier and fuller. As many as 94 per cent of the mothers and fathers said they are satisfied with their sex life — with 57 per cent claiming it’s actually better after having kids.

Almost a third, say they have more sex with their partner now that they are parents and four in five say becoming a parent has made them focus on the quality of their sex, not the quantity. We give you more reasons to tie the knot this year.

You live longer
One study says the impact of marriage on health and life expectancy, particularly in men, is almost equivalent to giving up smoking. The lead researcher of the study wrote, “Smoking takes on average seven years off a man’s life and marriage gives him an extra seven years.” For women, it adds an extra three years.

Marriage makes you content
Married people are twice as likely to be “happy with life” and less than half as likely to be “not too happy” compared to either single, cohabiting, separated, divorced or widowed people. A study shows happiness depends more on the quality of family relationships than on the level of income. So money doesn’t always make you happy but a good marriage just might.

You are mentally healthier
It’s not just your physical health that marriage protects. It makes people far less likely to suffer mental health problems too. A US study found mental health improves consistently and substantially after marriage and deteriorates substantially after divorce or separation. Getting married and staying married reduces depression in both sexes.

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