Buhari Is Using Weapons I Bought To Fight Boko Haram – Jonathan

Former President of Nigera, Goodluck Jonnathan said on Wednesday night during a programme titled, ‘Focus on Africa’ aired on an international news and current affairs television channel based in Paris, France 24 that his successor, Muhammadu Buhari is using the weapons he bought to fight terrorism.

“The 2016 budget is still being debated and no new equipment has been bought. So, even what the new government is still using to prosecute the war is the equipment we procured. I believe that with what we left behind, and the new ones they would acquire, this issue of Boko Haram will be taken to a logical conclusion.”

On the allegations against his administration, he said;

“Please, please, I have said that I will not comment on these areas because they are sensitive areas and I wouldn’t want to create problems for my country.

“I cannot comment on what is happening now. It is not proper for a former president to be commenting, either positive or negative.”

He however believes that his party, The Peoples Democratic Party will bounce back;

“The PDP will definitely have some minor issues but that is expected because we were in power for 16 years and when we lost the presidency, we began to have some kind of leadership problems. Everybody looks up to the president but when you are no longer the president, it becomes difficult for the party to have a very strong leadership.

“But I believe that whatever the PDP is going through will be sorted out. Elders and leaders of the party have been meeting and all these perceived disagreement will soon be sorted out. The party will bounce back.”

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