British Man Who Sells His Sperm For £50 Through Facebook, Fathers 800 Children, Makes £40,000 Fortune

A British man who is believed to be the world’s most prolific sperm donor fathering more than 800 children finds his clients through Facebook.

Simon Watson, 41, advertises his sperm donation services through Facebook and offers women, what he describes as, his “magic potion”, for £50.

He believes to date he has fathered at least 800 children over the last 16 years but admits the figure could be in excess of 1,000.

“In 2014 I helped people from around 12 countries, I have kids from Spain to Taiwan so they are well spread out,” he said.

“I have 50 odd a year and I’ve been doing this for over 16 years. I am going for the world record.”

Mr Watson, from Wembley, London, meets women in carparks and hotels, from the UK and across the world, every week and hands over his sperm.

Last October he wrote on his Facebook page: “Another first time try just told me it worked so that was three first time tries in 3 days… I must be slacking as last year I got 3 pregnant in 8 hours.”

His Facebook page is full of success stories and pictures of his biological children.

The women using him save thousands by bypassing expensive and lengthy IVF and fertility treatments.

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“If you go to a fertility clinic people have to go through lots of hurdles – counselling sessions, huge amounts of tests and then charge absolute fortunes for the service – but realistically if you’ve got a private donor you can just go and see them, meet them somewhere, get what you want and just go,” he told the BBC.

But experts warn women using unlicenced methods put themselves at risk as clinics conduct counselling, rigorous testing for hereditary diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.

Laura Witjens, chief executive of the National Gamete Donation Trust, told the Victoria Derbyshire programme: “If you can’t afford £1,500 to secure safety for yourself and your child, you should wonder if you’re fit for parenthood. It’s an expensive job.

“What I find surprising is women investigate holiday destinations more than this.”

One woman, who has used Mr Watson’s services, explained that it was a bargain to be given a chance of parenthood.
She wrote on his Facebook page: “I think its very difficult for gay couples – we either have to have thousands of pounds to do it privately, or take years and years waiting for the NHS proving your ability to be a parent, begging for help, £50 for even a chance of parenthood is a bargain, I think its fabulous and couldn’t thank you more, and plan to use your services again.”

The children of sperm donors born after 2005 have the right to know the identity of their father when they turn 18.
The donors are not the legal parent and are not named on the birth certificate.

Unlicenced donors, like Mr Watson, run the risk of being asked for child support and could claim paternity.
The regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), limits the number of families created by a single donor father to 10.

Despite fathering more than 800 children, Mr Watson, who has been married twice and has three children through his marriages, is still looking for love himself.

A dating profile claiming to be him reveals despite presently having a girlfriend he is using dating sites to “find a replacement” as she is due to leave the country.

He describes himself as a “sperm donor”, adding “I hope that doesn’t put you off”.

“At the moment I have a girlfreind who is really nice….the best one I have ever had really but she is going to leave the country in a few months or so, so I am just on here to get the replacement ready,” he writes.

“If we get on really well maybe you want to try one of my massages with one of my magic massage oil mixes……one try of that and you will love me forever I am sure!!!!

“If our date lasts about 3 days then we know we are right for each other.”

He describes his profession as “a sperm donor” and admits it is hard to find a woman who is content with his job.

The previous record for fathering the highest number of children through sperm donation is believed to be held by Bertold Wiesner who fathered in excess of 600 youngsters.

His wife, obstetrician Mary Barton, used his sperm to artificial inseminate women at a private clinic on Harley Street in the 1940s.

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