Biafra Is Dead, I See This New Biafra Agitation In A Different Way – Obasanjo Says As He Reveals Solution For Ongoing Agitation

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has passed a dead sentence on the renewed call for a sovereign state of Biafra.

Speaking in Abuja, Obasanjo said;

“Biafra as a secession issue is dead and nobody should follow that way. It can again only lead to disaster. But I see this resurgent Biafra agitation not for secession or creation of an independent entity from Nigeria but as a cry for attention, amelioration and improvement of socio-economic conditions and situation especially of the youth in Nigeria in general, but in the south east in particular-a call by the youth of that region for transformation. I see it as a platform rather than a cause.”

Obasanjo insisted that the renewed protest for Biafra is futile and no serous-minded person should partake in it.

“They need to be understood because lack of understanding with its appropriate remedy will drive them further into the hands of demagogues and opportunists who will thrive on their desperation and frustration, turning it into criminality and extremism against their parents, community leaders and elders, regional leaders and elders and against national unity, ethos and values.”

On the solution and way forward, Obasanjo said;

“The solution is first for the leaders and elders in the south east to caution realism and sanity among the youth and for the president to prove that Nigeria is his constituency. He should act like God who gives rain to the good and bad, the just and the unjust in the world equally as the world belongs to God in totality.

“The solutions lie in education, awareness-raising, youth acquisition of skills, youth empowerment and youth employment. Above all things, good governance at all levels is the key solution.

“The welfare and wellbeing of the citizenry with equity, justice and fairness must be the main pre-occupation of government at all levels”, he said.

Obasanjo who is a former army general, reportedly led the Nigerian troop to victory over the Biafran secessionist army and effectively ended the 30-month old civil war in 1970 stated at a development discourse organised by the Nextier Advisory that Biafra as a secession issue was dead and the renewed agitation for it was done in error.

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Baba u have spoken well like a father that u are to Nigeria, Good . but still no one can predict correctly the mine of a great politiciant like u. God Bless Nigeria.


Obasanjo is a fool he thinks that after killing million of Biafrans, this time the ideology is dead,the biggest mistake is killing a people to get a better people like refine oil or wine, these can happen to goods not humans because you kill my whole family and expect me clapping and rejoicing that you did wonderful well. Only fools thinks that way, Biafra must be free from this shameless thieves, in the. name of one Nigeria., The whole world must know this and it can’t be business as usual. Boko haram needs their country give it to them,Biafrans needs… Read more »


Why Nigerians are so interested about Biafra sticking to them?? We are the Israelites and Nigerians are the Egyptians, So Pharohs let us go, cos you can not prevent us this time..Go and read about the history of the Israelites

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