Be Informed, Sugar Can Cause Mood Swing

If you are touchy, easily irritated, and having serious mood swing you need to cut down/off your sugar intake. The the account of a doctor below:

“About four years ago, I noticed I was getting moody right before my periods. I’d always considered myself healthy, but knew there were things I could do to improve. As a functional medical doctor, I also knew that nutrition most likely had a lot to do with my mood swings. So I decided to clean up my diet, especially when it came to sugar and refined carbohydrates like pasta, white rice, white potatoes, and bread.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates are best known for their effects on weight gain, but these foods are frequently at the root your worst PMS and menopause symptoms, too, especially when it comes to fatigue, cravings, and mood swings. From my own experience and from the women I see daily in my practice, this one step can make a tremendous difference. When I cut sugar (and when I refer to “sugar” I mean all refined carbs, not just the white powdery stuff!), my irritability vanished. Similarly, patients and friends of mine who have stopped eating sugar feel more energy, little to no cravings or cramps, less hot flashes, and much more!”

Will you try this today? When you have a stable mood, your partner will trust you and you will have a better relationship!

Written by Abel Abel

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