A Woman Too Can Decide….

So one of my Facebook female friends sent me an inbox message; this guy has been dating her for seven years and is yet to make his intentions towards her clear . Now serious suitors are coming to ask for her hand in marriage; and she is asking me if she should go and ask her boyfriend the popular, “where is this relationship heading to ” question and am like NOPE ! Do not ask him any foolish question!

Like seriously , Why must he be the one to tell you and decide where the relationship is heading to ? Is your destiny in your hands or his hands ? What is wrong with you deciding where the relationship is heading to ? Must a man be the one to decide where a relationship should head to ? Why don’t you sit down , reflect , and ask yourself deep questions about the old and new guy and then decide.

Nigerian women , please it’s 2016 ! A man should not be the only one that has the sole right and power to decide where a relationship should head to !

You don’t need to wait till a man tells you where the relationship is heading to before you make a decision concerning your life !

A woman can also determine where a relationship is heading to abeg ! I dey go sleep joor

Nora Oma Patrick

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