Story Of The Day: Boy Sees Girl Walking….

Boy sees girl walking.
He says hello.
Girl uses side eye to look at boy.
But says nothing.
She keeps walking and may even form busy.
Boy follows girl.
Boy says to girl “Hey pretty, I’m greeting you”
Girl looks at him but says nothing.
Boy tries to hold girl by the hand but changes his mind.
He keeps following her.
He says, “pretty, I’m talking to you nah”
Girl says nothing but keeps walking.
Boy is stubborn and still follows her.
But girl doesn’t care.
She walks to the bus-stop, boards a keke and she’s gone.
grin emoticon
Boy meets girl.
He likes girl so he says hi.
Girl uses her side eye to look at him.
She likes what she sees.
So she says hi too.
Boy asks what her name is.
Girl says “Chinelo”
Boy says “hmmm, nice name”
Girl says “thank you” and smiling.
Boy asks, “so where are you going to?”
Girl was going somewhere before but because she was asked, she lies.
Girl says “no place really, I’m just bored”
((Expecting he gets the clue))
Boy says “oh!” So where do you live?” Will you be free this evening? Can we hang out?
Girl says “ermmm, not sure but let me think about it”
Boy says “c’mon, it’s just a hang out, for a couple of drinks”
Girl says “ok”
They exchange phone numbers.
wink emoticon
Boy meets girl.
Boy says “hello babe”
Girl smiles uncontrollably “hellooooooooooo” she stretches it.
Boy says “I’m Joe and you are ?”
Girl says “Diamond”
Boy says ” wow! What a lovely name for an angel” so where are you going to?”
Girl says “the hostel”
Boy says, “come in let me drop you”
Girl doesn’t think twice, she doesn’t even wait for a 2nd questioning. She goes in.
((While driving))
Boy says,”so what level and course of study?”
Girl says, ” 300level, communication arts” smiling sheepishly
Boy says, ”hmmm, big girl” so are you in a relationship?”
Girl says , “No!”
Boy says, “how can a beautiful girl like you remain single? Are the guys around blind?”
Girl blushes, and says “they don’t have what I want in a man”
Boy says “so what do you want?”
Girl starts describing “Romeo”
pacman emoticon
Girl sees boy.
She likes boy.
So she walks past boy.
Boy doesn’t notice her.
She walks again.
Boy still doesn’t notice her.
She walks again and again.
Boy doesn’t even know someone is walking.
Girl gets tired and walks to meet boy.
Girl says,”hi, I’m Janelle” pls where can I buy …..”
Boy points at the direction.
Girl says thanks.
She expects he asks of her name but he doesn’t.
colonthree emoticon colonthree emoticon ha ha!
Girl sees boy.
She likes boy.
She wants boy to notice her.
So she makes posts on Facebook about love.
Boy doesn’t notice.
She uploads photos of herself, showing different angles.
One hour later, girl goes to check the people that likes her photos.
She doesn’t see boy’s name.
Girl is frustrated.
She talks about being single or love lost or being brokenhearted.
Boy doesn’t send.
She relaxes.
Boy keeps liking another girl’s photo.
She sees boy all over another girl’s post.
Even when the other girl makes a post with just “Hey Goodmorning Facebookers”
Boy is always the first person to make a comment.
And the new girl doesn’t even reply boy
Girl decides to give up.
Girl sees boy.
Boy sees girl.
Girl walks to the counter to get food.
Boy sees her and smiles.
Girl walks up to him.
She says,”can I share the table with you?”
Boy says sure.
Girl speaks first, “I’m Laura”
Boy replies, “Mitchy”
Girl says “nice name” so you came alone”?
Boy says,”yes” just came to chill out”
Girl “hmmm, interesting”
Girl finishes eating.
Girl says “can we like see some other time? Like see a movie together later in the week”
Boy says “cool” I’m game.
They exchange numbers.
To balance this, I wrote for both genders.
I’m sure some of you may have found yourself in situations like this.
You might see a girl you like but you got snubbed, and another girl may be friendly and all that.
Ladies too can relate to this.
There are guys that stop to ask for your name and you just spit on them and others you are extremely nice to.
For the guys, there are ladies who may have asked for your number, some you gave them willingly and others you lie that you are in a relationship.
It’s simple!!!
From the first time you meet someone, you alone will know in your heart if you can date that person or be just friends with the person.
Forget the long months or weeks of shakara, you know from the first day and time(minute) you speak with a person if he/she is worth dating, being just friends with or fuck mates or just someone you never want to get associated with.
So don’t be pissed when ignored, sometimes, you are just not what that person needs in their life.
You dig?

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