5 first date tips that are quite useful

Going on a first date can be nervous and also very promising: first you are trying to impress the person sitting opposite you and also the person sitting opposite you is trying to impress you too. Most relationships ends after the first date, so make sure what you say or do make a lasting impact on the person sitting opposite you.
Here are our Top five first date tips:

1. create an environment where you can share and discuss freely without fear.
This is quite important, a good environment and a great atmosphere can do the magic, no interruption, let the few minutes or hours you spend together be memorable, remember, it is just for the two of you, no third party.

2. Don`t try to prove yourself.
You don`t need to agree with everything that the person sitting opposite you say, but trying to prove yourself is not always a good way to start a relationship. You don`t need to fill every silence if there is nothing left to be said, play to your ability and don`t try to prove everything, jut make sure that you have a great time and enjoy yourself.

3.Be interested.
Don`t be carried away by anything you hear or say but be interested in everything the person sitting opposite you is saying or doing, pay attention to all the details, share your dreams, passion and be open to questions.

4. Don`t just talk, have a conversation
Communication is number one when it comes to relationship. it no use doing all the talking, you must communicate. use all the available avenue of communications, smile when the need arise, say sorry when it matter most, use thank you often and allow the person sitting opposite you to also say something. don`t be the boss during conversation instead be a partner, just lead and allow the person sitting opposite you to be an active participant not just an observer.

5. Take your Decision, follow up or let go.
if you had a great time, compliment the person, if not let go.
most importantly make it a memorable adventure and have fun.

We wish you the very best this 2016

Written by Abel Abel

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