20-Year-Old Nigerian Given A Job By A Mayor In Italy

A young Nigerian asylum seeker who helped catch a robber in a town in Puglia is to be given a job as a lifeguard, the local mayor said Friday.

Francesco Spina, mayor of Bisceglie, said the 20-year-old man would be given the position – on the condition he is legally allowed to work – following his heroic act outside the local supermarket.

The refugee, who used to regularly wait outside the supermarket in the hope of earning some small change by helping customers with their shopping, noticed a robbery taking place inside the building.

As the robber left the supermarket, with the cash register and €380 euros in his hands, the Nigerian tried to stop him, despite being threatened with a knife.

Although the robber managed to escape with his loot, fleeing on a moped, the material covering his face slipped and his face appeared on CCTV cameras monitoring the area. He was later arrested by the police.

The mayor met the young refugee Friday to thank him for his good deed.



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