World War III Could Be On The Way – Billionaire Tech Guru

The billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk has said that World War III could be on the way and warned it would be “far worse” than previous conflicts.

The Tesla chief claimed humanity could find itself locked in a devastating nuclear conflict driven by terrifying “growth of religious extremism”.

He also predicted the arrival of a global anti-technology movement, a development which could potentially prevent humans reaching milestones like landing an astronaut on Mars.

“You know, in 1912 they were proclaiming a new age of peace and prosperity, saying that it was a golden age, war was over,” Musk told GQ.

“And then you had World War I followed by World War II followed by the Cold War.

“So I think we need to acknowledge that there’s certainly a possibility of a third World War, and if that does occur it could be far worse than anything that’s happened before.”

After revealing a bizarre plan to drop nuclear bombs on Mars , Musk is often compared to a super-rich Bond villain.

But he is an outspoken about the dangers of uncontrolled technological development, famously warning that artificial intelligence could wipe humanity off the face of the planet.

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