“Women Wake Up”!!!

One of the Saddest and Most Disappointing Facts of life is how Powerful Women are yet they don’t know it.

If women knew how powerful and influential they are and if they used their great power and influence, this world would be a better place.

My sisters just imagine; a man will cross oceans, climb mountains, cross Boarders, Walk Miles, Fight Battles, Work for Decade, Spend every Penny, Brave the Night and Risk his Life and Everything to be with a woman.

The Devil’s target was the fall of Adam. But the Devil attacked Eve first not because she was weaker, but because the Devil knew that Eve had the strongest influence on Adam. Ladies the influence you have on yours Marriage and Husband is Enormous.

But the Devil wants you to live as Hopeless, Defeated and Powerless Victims. But God wants you to know that you have the Power to Build your Men and Bless your Marriages.

Be the kind of woman that sends tremors of fear in the Devil’s camp every morning you wake up. No Devil in hell can stand against a praying virtuous Woman. Remember my Sisters; prayer moves the hands that move the world.

-Sonia King

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