Who is Your Soul Mate?

Who is Your Soul Mate? Is it the person you are married to that you have been with for so long… Or the person you just met?? Is it some friend of yours or is it somebody you haven’t met yet?? A soul mate could be the one who knows you as well as he knows his own shadow… the one who completes you perfectly, and not in any Physical way but Mentally and Soulfully. It is the one who Understands your silence, they may not Necessarily live with you, or talk to you daily…. it’s a soul Association where he Understands everything about you, even from a Distance. He will feel your Pain and Pleasure through your breath, you don’t even have to tell him everything… He is the one who fits perfectly with in your heart…. He is your other half…. your souls counterpart…you are simply you when with him…you are at ease…
Yes your soulmate…

– Sonia King

Written by Abel Abel

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