What A Father Told His Daughter About Sex With Her Husband…

My Daughter, In between your legs, there is a very powerful instrument that can build or destroy your marriage. Before you leave my house tomorrow and move in with your husband, let me tell you about that instrument you carry.

There was a day I wanted that instrument and your mother said she will not give me. The next day I wanted it again and she still refused to give me. I asked her why, she didn’t tell me anything. I became angry. I didn’t say anything to her. After one week, she wanted my own instrument and I refused to give her. I wanted to revenge. For 5 months we didn’t have sex.

On the third month, I was very horny. I wanted to have sex but my pride will not let me approach her. So I went to work. On that particular day, this girl at work opened the door to my office. She told me I look sad. She walked to my sit and touched my hair. Before I could say a word, she kissed me. I kissed her back and then we started touching. That is how my boss opened the door and walked in on us.

I was fired and sent to prison. It was a blackmail and they used the girl to get me.

My daughter never open the door to the devil. Sometimes you maybe too weak or not in the mood. It will not cost you anything to explain to your husband why you can’t have sex. Even though you have a genuine reason, always explain to him. Communication is very important even when you say no. He is never God and won’t understand how you feel. Men have pride and you can hurt their pride by just saying no with no reason.

There is one very important thing and I want you to know. Please don’t ever forget this one: Do not let your husband be the only one making move for sex. You will kill yourself in pains. If you are horny and want sex and you are waiting till your husband makes the move, you may disappointed. He may not know. So whenever you need his instrument, ask it belongs to you. Take inside the bedroom, remove his cloth and enjoy the instrument. It will also give him joy that you want him as much as he wants you

Remember this: Everyone is different. We have different mood and we can’t always feel the same. That means when your husband wants it, you may not always want it. If husband and wife decide to only have sex when they feel like, there may be problem in the marriage. There will be time you are not so much in the mood, and he is, give it to him. I do not mean when you are in pains or serious issues. I mean when you are healthy and capable.

Remember to look good every night. That is how your mum gets me every night. When your man goes outside, he sees different women and he may admire the way they look and dress, that does not mean he has any feelings for them. Try to look best for your husband.

If there is anything you want to try during sex, talk to him! Communication is key. Hide noting, he is your partner.

Sex is good and important, enjoy it

Take note: This post is written by Mfon Abel Ekene (People call me these days ‘Abel Abel’). I am not married but this post is written from my observation of my parent as a child. I am sure this is what my Dad would tell his daughter 

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Written by mfonabel

Mfon Abel Ekene is a widely published blog scientist, writer and speaker. Started blogging in 2008 and has been featured in numerous international platforms. His blog Abel Abel is currently one of the most read blog in Africa.


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