TV Producer Hangs Upside-Down 5,000 Feet In The Air To Test Super Glue

A Russian TV show recently risked a man’s life, just to prove the strength of a new type of superglue. They had their producer hanging upside down below a hot air balloon, with nothing but superglue to hold him in place!

The crew glued the soles of the producer’s shoes to a wooden board attached to the underside of the balloon, before flying it up to a height of 5,000 ft. Thankfully, the glue proved to be strong and the man did not fall.

The bizarre experiment was shown as a segment on the Russian show Chudo Tehniki (Wonders of Technology), and the footage has now gone viral on the internet.

It turns out that the producer, Dmitry Demin, is an experienced parachutist. In the video, he can be seen in the hot air balloon, with a plank stuck to his feet. Once the balloon reached a certain height, he let himself out and lowered himself to hang from the balloon. A few minutes into the gravity-defying stunt, he undid his shoelaces and let himself free, parachuting to the ground below. He safely landed on a farm in Moscow.

The team later revealed that they had first tested the glue on rubber tyres and plastics. When they established that it was strong enough, they decided to ask Dmitry to try the balloon stunt. It’s one of those things that you’ve got to see in order to believe!

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