This Girl Said Her Friend Got married And Found Out The Husband Was Gay

A facebook user, a girl, posted below on a facebook group. Read below…

I am among the girls that advocates for no sex until after marriage but something happened to a relative and a friend which has left me in a great confusion on my believe. Though in her case it was not a formal engagement but was an arranged proposal, I can still remember discussing with her when she told me that the guy had never mentioned anything sex to her, in fact there was no form of body connection, but my bae was taking it normal because that was what we believed in. He was not romantic, he was not caring, he stays 3 good weeks without calling his fiancée, it was at this stage I knew that something was fishy but could not just think of anything. Not until few days before his wedding I found out That the guy was a full time GAY, because he came back with his culprits, the way he talks and treats them left me with no option but to conclude that he was, he even left the room given to him and his wife to be with them and by then I could not speak up to tell my friend; what was happening. It was this week after a little chat with her that i found out that she is not happy in the marriage and me I dont really want to find myself in tat shoe but still confused if I should give up on my believe


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