Social Media Message Sends Woman To Jail, After Death Of Her Friends

A 20-year old woman has landed some months in prison after supposedly boasting on social media after the deaths of her friends.

Jasmine Larder was driving when she hits a tree last year, which led the death of her three friends. Her best friend Ellie Clare, 19, and George Stott, 21, died from fatal injuries.

Bush she posted a picture of herself with a new car just months after the tragedy with a caption “have new coils. So it begins. Back in the game”.

The judge who sentenced her to 15 months in jail said;

“You are 20 years old and you were convicted of causing the death by careless driving of two friends, one of them was your best friend.
“Another passenger suffered life-changing injuries. The impact of your careless driving is incalculable.
“You were interviewed by the police in September 2014.
“At the end of October you acquired a replacement car, equipped it with a lower suspension and arranged for the transfer of your personalised number plate.
“You celebrated that part with the following message on social media ‘have new coils. So it begins. Back in the game’.”
“That does not suggest someone who is racked with guilt at causing the deaths of two of your friends.
“It suggests someone who sees driving as a game or a sport.”

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