Qualities A Good Husband Should Have

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After a girl’s marriage her husband becomes not only her life partner, but also her best friend. He is the first one whom she addresses for any joys or sorrows.

Every girl dreams of her Prince Charming, the perfect guy for her who will take her into her magical dream world full of love. She wants him to be the best for her. Of course, no single guy is perfect or possesses all the qualities a girl dreams about, but trying a bit to incorporate a few good qualities goes a long way and makes your relationship better and your life happier. And pleasing a girl is not as difficult as all you guys think. All they care for is a little attention, love and care. For all you girls out there who are in search for a husband and all you husbands trying to please their wife, I present you “Top Qualities a good Husband must have” list. This list will surely help you to woo your beautiful wife or that pretty girlfriend of yours.

1. Pampers you.
Girls love being pampered like little kids. And a guy who pampers his girl every now and then can never go wrong with the relationship. Pampering makes girls happy. If your guy pampers you, it means your happiness is all he cares about. Pampering does not only include buying gifts. It can be small little gestures like writing a love note, getting a rose, surprising your wife with cupcakes, singing a song for her, dancing on her favorite song with her, cute text messages, making bed tea for her or anything else that will get a smile on your girls face. Trust me, these small little gestures tell girls how thoughtful you guys are and makes them fall in love all over again.

2. Good sense of humor
A guy with a good sense of humor is like a jackpot! Who would want to have boring conversations with their partner? Everyone wants a good laugh now and then. The most of time you spend is with your better half. Hence, sharing inside jokes, that little giggle or that hilarious loud laugh becomes so much fun. One point where girls fall for guys is good sense of humor. Girls love guys who can make them laugh and adds a spark to the relationship. Humor gives the relationship a new dimension and keeps it fresh and healthy.

3. Does your hobbies with you.
If your husband takes out time to accompany you to do your hobbies, then you may be the luckiest girl in the world. Not only hobbies, going out with you for everyday work such as grocery shopping, or just going for a jog with you could be done too. These little things mean a lot for all the girls as it implies you want to spend most of the time with her and want be with her what so ever the case may be. Volunteering in doing things with her gives her a sense of belonging.

4. Loves kids.
Who doesn’t love kids? All women do. But the case is not the same with guys. All guys do not love kids. According to me, a guy playing with little kids is the sexiest thing ever. Wink, wink! At some point of time, you would surely want a family. And a guy who loves kids always makes a good father. He may not show his love to kids like you do. Girls do all the cheek pulling, talking in a squeaky voice and calling cute names to kids, guys generally do not do that. But that doesn’t mean he can’t make a good father. Look for signs how he reacts around kids playing. Does he get irritated and shout often at kids? If not, you don’t need to worry girls; he surely possesses a soft corner for kids.

5. Supportive
A good husband is a one who supports you through your good and bad. He should listen to you and guide you to the right path and support your decision. Be it your career move or any other personal or professional decision, he should support you. And mind it, if he doesn’t always support you, doesn’t mean he is not supportive. It means he does not think you are on the right path and wants to be a good counselor to you.

6. Dependable
One of the many qualities all the husbands must possess is being dependable. Your girl should be able to depend on you for any work she asks for help with. She must be sure you won’t disappoint her. The thing may be as little as grocery shopping or even a big event as planning a party altogether. If your girl can depend on you for each and everything, you are going perfectly right in your relationship.

7. Makes you a better person.
Relationships are about learning from each other. If you improve as a person and become a better person as you spend time with him, he is the right guy for you. It does not mean you change all together as a person, it means improving little everyday habits like eating your meals on time, becoming punctual or any other good habits you can grab from your spouse. After all, your life is meant to improve not worsen day by day.

8. Loves your flaws.
No one out there is perfect. Not only in terms of beauty, but also in terms of nature. Each and every person possesses some flaws and getting a husband who loves you including your flaws and doesn’t judge is the best the girl can get. It gives girls a feeling that their husbands love her for who she is and can appreciate her whatsoever may be the situation.

9. Compromises for you.
A relationship is about give and take. A good husband should sometimes compromise things to make his wife happy. For example, you could compromise on your boy’s night out if your wife is not feeling well or something else as the case may be. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise each and every time for your girl. Doing this once in a while makes her feel that she is your number one priority.

10. Faithful
It is a quality which both the persons in a relationship should possess. Be faithful to her. Do not cheat on her, ever. Being faithful to each other increases your trustworthiness altogether and makes your relationship long lasting. She should never have to worry about you cheating on her every time you go on a night out with your friends. A faithful husband does not mean your hubby should be restricted from talking to other girls. Rather it means, your hubby should never look at any other girl the way he looks at you. Ooh la la !

11. Understanding/Communication
This is a key factor for any relationship to be successful. According to me, if you can communicate to your partner and understand him/her, you surely have a strong relationship. Any misunderstanding should be sorted out that day itself. He should be able to understand your problems, your difficulties, what you are trying to explain to him and communicate freely without any barriers. He should take out some time to talk to you. This is only possible if you put your ego aside and communicate with your partner.

12. Trust
Trust tops this list because any relationship is lifeless if there is no trust. Trust is the building block of a relationship. The stronger the trust gets, the stronger the relationship. This is the most important quality a good husband must possess. He should be able to trust you on each and everything and at the same time be trustworthy too. He should not spy on you or be suspicious of you. If you both can trust each other blindly, I am very sure your relationship is a perfect one.

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