Popular Blogger Loses Weight, Says ‘I Feel Beautiful’ After Losing More Than 208 Lbs. And Having 3 Skin-Removal Surgeries

People.com blogger Kaitlyn Smith says despite losing 208 lbs.she’s not resting easy just yet.

“I am in the middle of this journey, and I still have a long way to go,” she said.

She weighed 414 lbs. in high school. Miami-based plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer (known as Dr. Miami) read about her progress and offered to donate his services to help Smith shape her new body. In the past seven months he removed loose skin from her stomach, chest, back, hips, arms and legs in three separate procedures.

“The surgical process and its recovery is long and arduous,” says Salzhauer. “But Kaitlyn has been a great patient and I am very proud of her. She is an inspiration.”


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