Newborn Baby Survives After Falling Through Train Toilet In India

A newborn baby girl fell into a train toilet and landed on the railway tracks after her mother gave birth on a moving train in India.

The baby survived its bumpy arrival and was recovered on the tracks by passengers at Bhojipura railway station in Uttar Pradesh. The mother and her baby have been taken to hospital.

The woman has been identified as Pushpa Devi, who lives in Mohan Nagar Bhagatpur of Kanchanpur district in Nepal.



The lady was on board the 52204 Tankapur Izzat Nagar train travelling for an eye-check up when she started to feel the start of painful contractions.

Passengers heard screams from the bathroom and found the woman bleeding and in great pain.

She pleaded with the passengers to stop the train and help her, with the passengers immediately pulling the emergency cord to bring the train to a halt.

The infant has been dubbed the ‘miracle baby’ after it survived falling through the lavatory system and clattering on to the track.

Ms Devi later told police that her husband had left her and that she had been forced to support herself by doing odd jobs.

Chandra Mohan Jindal, divisional railway manager for Izzat Nagar division, described how the baby had landed on ‘concrete boulders’ and was lucky to be alive.

‘It is a miracle that the newborn girl, after falling on concrete boulders of the track from such a height, survived,’ he told the Times of India.

‘The GRP and fellow passengers did a commendable job by immediately rushing both the mother and the child to hospital.”


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