Man Who Travelled 500 Miles To Hit A Girl Who Gave His Book Bad Review Online With A Bottle, Jailed For 30 Months

A former Countdown champion who travelled 500 miles to attack a teenager with a wine bottle after she gave his book a bad review has been jailed for 30 months.

Richard Brittain, 28, used Facebook to track victim Paige Rolland, 18, to an Asda store in Glenrothes, in Fife, Scotland, where she worked and smashed a full wine bottle over her head – knocking her unconscious.

Only a month earlier Brittain – crowned a Countdown champion in 2006 – stalked a university classmate, Ella Durant, after she moved from London to Glasgow.

He used her Twitter and Instagram accounts to find where she worked and turned up on two occasions to speak to her.



Daily Mail


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