Lol! What Do you Guys Think About this? It’s Not Fair o

Someone shared this lol..

All these guys that aim at using their wedding as a business venture dey make me laugh..

They will influence their committee of friends to contribute 5k to 10k each for them…
5k for Non-working class…
10k for Working class…
During the wedding, the bride would be held hostage sake of say Guests must come to clean her seat for her before she sits down…
And it must be 1k each for each “cleaner”
And afterwards,
They ll pray that they receive fat envelopes from the guests sake of say them chop better rice with chicken, coupled with Orijin drinks…
In the end,
They spent 500k for the wedding,
But made 800k from the same wedding.
A profit of 300k after tax. LOL
What Do You Think About This Kind Of Arrangement?
Should it be encouraged?

What do you think?

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