#IHaveBeenBrokenEnough: The Last Girl I Date

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The last girl I date, though she is married now, use to tell me some funny things about life and love, that is even when we broke up.. We are still good friend…

I remember the last time we visited Ede water fall that was September last year, I didn’t know that she was pregnant for someone else, we didn’t see for a year because she was in Ghana for her master.

When she came for holidays, we travel down from Lagos to the water fall…. While I was busy with the drink and food we brought she was busy starring at me..

After all the fun, she kiss me and asked me to close my eyes… It was fun, she whisper into my ears, I miss you and I will miss you, then she STARTED crying…

I didn’t understand until she told me the whole story… We just stood there for minutes starring at ourselves, then we had option than to leave to Lagos, we didn’t bother about the hotel reservations, we just abandoned everything, I attended her wedding one month later, that was my second and last heartbreak.

From J A

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