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#IHaveBeenBrokenEnough: I Can’t Remember The Last Time I Was Able To Sit Down And Just Breath

I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit down and just breath. When I was twelve years old my parents separated due to unforseen circumstances (I wont go into details). What I will say is that from then on I died inside. Since then I lived with my guard up. I know you understand what Im talking about.

So somehow I managed to live through till I came campus. Truth be told I wasn’t in any hurry to find a man or get into any relationship. Then it happened. He smiled at me I smiled back. And before I knew it I had a boyfriend. It was hard at first…with my walls up and all. But was in love so I broke them down for him. I told myself I was worth it. It wasn’t easy being in a relationship but I tried, I gave it my all. Until recently.

Three weeks ago to be exact. He changed his profile picture on whatsapp. It wasnt me though. I remember feeling like someone had just punched me in my stomach. “I’m with her now. Sorry.” That’s what he said. He said he’d stopped loving me along time ago.

He said that he’d never been happy all the while we were together. That he’d been forcing himself to be with me. He said that he’d been living a lie so long that he couldn’t take it anymore. I died again. Three years of my life are a lie. It still hurts.

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